We're in a new era and we have a new way for you to experience Lafayette.

You opened your accept packet and you are in! We are so excited about the prospect of you being part of the class of 2024. This is the part when you visit campus, right? Except we all know that we’ve entered a different time and you get to experience the depth of Lafayette College in a different way. We will bring to life the powerful mix of scholarly energy, dynamic talent, and fearless attitude through a variety of virtual events throughout the month of April. Check back often see what new features we’re adding. As you weigh your college options, we invite you to witness the power of a Lafayette education. Read on to see what we have planned.

Pre-Orientation Service Program Information Sessions

May 5 at 4 pm & May 7 at 7 pm

Learn about the Pre-Orientation Service Program that happen at the end of August in the days before Orientation. First year students have a chance get to know the surrounding area of Easton and make new friends by engaging in a variety of community-based projects.  Enrolled students can email Annie Krege  at kregea@lafayette.edu for more information.

Learn More about POSP

Leopard Connection

How do you pick classes? Where’s the best coffee off campus? What’s your favorite Friday night activity? Fill out a form and we’ll connect you with a current Leopard who can give you the answers you need and the inside scoop on the Lafayette community.

Connect with a Student

Lafayette Live: Campus Activities

We may not be on campus right now, but that hasn’t stopped our students from continuing to learn through lecture, connect through community and just plain have fun. Groups across campus have continued to plan events virtually and this gives you an unprecedented opportunity to engage in the campus community. Check out the campus calendar. If signup is required on OurCampus (you don’t have access until you are a student) you can email the organizer and ask to join. Clearly identify yourself as a student who has been accepted to Lafayette.

Check the Campus Calendar