Many people at Lafayette will be available to support you. One important segment is a great group of student leaders who are trained to assist you as you begin to navigate your new academic and social channels.

Student Leaders

What better way to learn about life as a Lafayette student than from peers who have been navigating their way around campus for the past few years! As a first-year student, you will have at your fingertips a number of student leaders available to support you. Each group of student leaders has a niche of expertise that you will be able to lean on during your first year at Lafayette. These students are trained by their respective offices and are eager to get to know you! Reach out right away to begin building those relationships. These students will help by answering questions, guiding you to the appropriate offices, and simply being a friendly face to discuss anything that is on your mind!


Pardners are trained upper-class student mentors. This program, run through the Office of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs, provides you with someone who can answer questions about academics, course registration, and social opportunities at Lafayette.

Pardners are encouraged to use their academic experiences, co-curricular involvement, and campus leadership to individually work with each of their assigned first-year students. They’ll introduce you to your new intellectual community, encourage you to explore your academic interests, provide tools necessary to make academic decisions based on your interests, and be there to discuss any social questions, fears, or concerns. It is not uncommon to develop a relationship with your Pardner that continues past your first year at Lafayette.

Orientation Leaders

Orientation leaders (OLs) will be available as a resource for you starting day one as a new Leopard. Orientation weekend will kick off a semester full of fun events, learning objectives, and the opportunity to make meaningful connections with peers, professors, and staff. The role of the orientation leader will extend far beyond one weekend, as the OLs will hold sessions throughout the semester to ensure students have opportunities to meet one another and to make sure new students take full advantage of the opportunities available. These include Drag Queen Bingo, Trivia, the Involvement Fair, and other events, but the really unique opportunity is the chance to meet people who will be your friends and mentors this semester and beyond. The OLs foster a community at Lafayette even when the campus extends far beyond Easton.

Resident Advisers (RAs) 

For the relatively small number of students on campus this fall, resident advisers are student staff members in the Office of Residence life charged with fostering relationships among and delivering services to an assigned community of residents. Resident advisers work cooperatively with other residence hall and College staff to promote an environment conducive to learning and developing personal connections. The job of the RA combines many roles: information resource, activities organizer, liaison to the Office of Residence Life, adviser, and friend. The main focus of an RA is to be there for each of their residents and foster an inclusive welcoming community. Every night, each building has a designated on-duty RA available to respond to emergencies, report problems, and answer questions as they conduct periodic building rounds. Your RA is there to help you with a variety of needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Student-Athlete Peer Mentors

Peer mentors are trained to guide and mentor first-year student-athletes in adjusting to the rigors of college life combined with participating in Division I athletics. Our peer mentors are role models who have proven their own success in overcoming challenges while excelling in academics, athletics, social engagements, and community service. They build lasting mentor/mentee relationships to establish academic, athletic, and personal goals to ensure overall achievement and promote a championship culture. All first-year student-athletes are paired with a peer mentor who checks in with them weekly.

Student Organizations

Student organizations provide you with opportunities to meet new people, explore a passion, try new things, and develop lifelong friendships. Upperclass members often serve as mentors and can help you navigate the Lafayette academic and social environment. 

Student Government is an elected group that advocates for students, working with faculty and administration on issues related to the Lafayette community. You can contact Student Government with suggestions and concerns at